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Introducing DAZE AWAY, your go-to local band hailing from the scenic Niagara region in Ontario. Our music is a vibrant blend of Alt-Surf, Sunsets, and Skateboards, capturing the carefree spirit of those golden moments under the sun. The heart of our sound is driven by the talents of Elijah Finlay, who leads with captivating vocals and rhythmic guitar, alongside Justin Bertone, who adds his vocal charm while keeping the beat on drums. Bennett Wiens weaves his magic on lead guitar, and Brandon Vellekoop holds it all together on bass guitar.

Our journey started in 2019, originally under the moniker “Le Lagoonz,” before evolving into the dynamic force known as DAZE AWAY. It’s a story of lifelong friendships finally converging after college, with music as our ultimate connection.

With several singles under our belt and two EPs titled “Desert Surfside Volume 1 & 2,” we’ve honed our unique sound. Our latest achievement, the album “Hey! Slow Down, We Got All Day,” is a testament to our growth and dedication. And there’s more where that came from – our freshest single, “Air Japan,” is now available, with exciting projects in the pipeline.

In 2022, we hit the stage across the Niagara region, bringing our energetic performances to life. And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and collaborations as we continue to ride the wave of creativity and deliver more original projects your way. Join us on this musical journey; there’s a lot more to come from DAZE AWAY!